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Whether it is for college, first home, retirement or merely a rainy day careful tax planning can be the difference between having enough to meet the obligations or coming up short.  The government has given us opportunities to lower our tax liabilities for certain activities through out or lives, college, a first home, and retirement are several of those categories.  Through an understanding of the law you can use the law to better your lifestyle and ensure that when it comes down to paying the bills you have the money necessary to do so.

With tax rates that vary between 10% and 35% (2010) the tax code allows for many different arrangements and situations in which an individual or business can better themselves and their tax liability through forethought and planning.  With the proper arrangement one can either defer taxes or actually avoid them by taking the right steps and having the right advice.  Many financial planners will give you advice often based less on your situation and more on the commissions associated with the sale of the financial instrument.  In this situation the only thing we are interested in is that our client gets the best advice possible and that they return in the future as a satisfied customer.  There are no commissions, sales force or products we are here to give you professional advice that will aid you in your endeavors.

When it comes to your future you shouldn't leave it to chance.  To guarantee success you need to make sure all the pieces are going to fit together when you need them to and thus you must plan ahead.  Minniti & Company wants to be there to help you plan and give you the professional advice you need to make the best decisions.  If you succeed we succeed.